Know some of its features

Great usability

Super easy to use, any employee can use it with total autonomy.


App installation with unique and non-transferable serial key.


It allows to register not only the start and end but also any pause if necessary.


You can activate the location information in each registered action.

ID plus

If you wish, you can register the worker's photo or signature (via front camera and screen).

Added value

Because for a company with work teams outside the office, it is very expensive to make all employees have to return to the office to sign at the beginning and end of the day, a mobile application that offers this freedom is necessary, at the same time that guarantees data security, robustness and reliability.

Provision of reports

Access to all generated records.

Real time data

You can know if the worker is on the job, making his break or has already finished.

Graphs of hours worked

The fastest way to know the current or total hours.

Global vision of the workday

On the homepage you can find the summary of the last workday.

Each employee file

Card with the information of each employee and his last workdays.

Custom searches

Filters by date or worker.

Work Time App is available on any device

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible that an employee can register the workday for another?
    No. Each user has a serial that is linked to their device, in addition there are configuration options such as requesting a mandatory signature or photo at the time of registration. In this way it is verified that it has been the same employee who has registered their working day.
  2. No, only the actions performed by the user are the ones that use data: start, pause and end. The timer is just a visual element to help the user to calculate their workday.
  3. Yes, both the administrator and the employee can correct a record by adding an issue, which records the change and its reason. A register cannot be modified more than once to avoid fraud.